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January 05, 2006


Yay for the hair report. I don't know about peanut butter, at all.

As for the alcohol, it sounds as if you're vigilant enough but my personal rule of thumb is if I say to myself "I need this drink" I won't let myself have it because, if I need it, it would be bad. Since there are relatively few days in a year when I feel that way, it isn't too hard to follow.

I won't join you in the Bible thing, having done been there and done that in EFM the last two years, but I hope you'll blog some of your reactions as you read.

I have never found any "natural" peanut butter that is tolerable. I gave up and eat regular PB. can't help you there. I hope your hair stays cute.

RE: the PB dilemma, I am a PB addict and struggled with this myself, because any of the "natural" peanut butters I bought in the stores were nasty.

Last spring while drive home from a conference, we stopped at a combination rest stop/tourist attraction, one that had lots of crafts and things from local vendors. I found the best homemade PB there! I talked to the vendor, and she said all they did to make it was to throw honey-roasted peanuts in a peanut grinder. Viola! Delicious PB.

I have since discovered a better solution, since driving back to that place would be a five-hour trip. :) Whole Foods. You can grind your own peanut butter there, and it will keep forever in the fridge (I think it keeps outside the fridge, too, but I just throw it in the fridge).

It's a bit of a treck for me to get to a Whole Foods, but it's so worth it for fresh PB. So, if you're anywhere near a Whole Foods, check it out. If not, invest in a peanut grinder? (I'm seriously thinking about doing that if we move someplace where I can't access fresh PB).

DUH. You said you had a food processor. Throw some peanuts in there, grind it up, and then stir. If you want the PB to have a firmer consistency (my pref), keep it in the fridge.

I think Jiffy or Skippy just came out with a "natural" peanut butter--one that has very little sugar, but doesn't need refrigerating once it's opened. (I read it in Prevention, which I'm a little embarassed about, but my mom gave my a gift subscription and it's actually kind of a fun magazine.) I hate trying to stir it all, especially once it's cold, but I absolutely rely on pb sandwiches on good, hearty bread, or even on a rice cake, when I'm trying to eat well.

Maybe I'm neurotic but I have to jump in and defend natural peanut butter. My tips? When you get it home, turn it upside down! The oil will rise to the top (which is now the bottom) and it'll be easier to mix up. That sounded like your biggest concern. You can keep it upside down after it's opened too. I don't refrigerate mine and have never had a rancidity problem. Natural pb also shouldn't have salt which works for me. Never had any "nasty" natural pb. Also try cashew butter and almond butter-most natural foods stores and even supermarkets carry these now. Mmmmmmm, nut butters. Gotta run and make a snack......

You are hilarious about your hair. And I have to say, I love natural PB, especially when it separates and you have to stir it up, but not thoroughly, and you get all the naughty yummy oil in your pb on your sandwich. MMMM.

Our solution for natural PB was to bring it home and dump/scrape it out of the jar and put it in a tupperware container. If we did that when it was warm/room temperature, and mixed it up really really well (the reason for the tupperware - there's more room to mix it up without slopping oil over the edge of the jar), it tended to stay mixed and was manageable when refridgerated.

Of course, I usually just go with reduced-fat Jif and eat all the sugar. ;-)

Teddie Natural Peanut Butter--in super chunk if you like it chunky.Its widely available. I pour off about half the oil and then mix the rest in. It's a bit drier than Jif or Peter Pan, but it tastes so good! I can't stand the other stuff now.

Only down side is that you are supposed to keep it in the refrigerator--lacks all those preservatives dontcha know--so it would be hard to keep in your desk. Maybe you could keep a week's worth there at a time.

OK, I love the fact that in a battle between Hair, Bible, and Peanut Butter, PB wins hands down (oil up?) as the topic of choice.

Yeah, especially if you figure that the nun who started the whole Bible thing in the first place was ALSO gonna comment about peanut butter. Of course, it was more about how I'm now craving PB&J for some reason ....

I want to see a photo of the hair!!!!! Maybe I just need to meet up with you again, as we've been talking about doing. :)

Also, I get the fear of drinking too much thing, but you're probably fine. Just being aware of it sounds like enough to me.

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