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December 18, 2005


Have a great time!

Enjoy your days with D. What is this "everything" you need to have done? I say that the everything is the time with your loved ones, which is what you're attending to. Your priorities are right now.

What B* said! And have a great time! (You so totally deserve all the congratulatory and supportive comments!)

Have a great time (secretly wondering if big city is the big city near me) and last I heard Christmas happened whether or not we did anything.

Somehow I'm thinkin' big city ain't near me ... but's that's only b/c there's NO big city near me. Man, sometimes I miss DC ....

Regardless, have LOTS of fun, forget about school, work, shopping, and everything else, and just CHILL!!!! You deserve it.

Ack! Yay! Woot! Um...oh heck.

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