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December 16, 2005



i'm glad your dept was full of warm fuzzies. what an awful thing for the pres. to say! i mean, how old are we anyway?!

I've heard of people doing a lot of shitty things in academe, but this is the absolute worse thing I've ever heard. Glad your department was there for you. Congrats for hanging in there and not letting the bastards grind you down.

I am virtually popping a bottle of champagne in your honor...and then I'm virtually hitting your prez over the head with it!

I presume you two were alone when he said that crap to you. With witnesses you might actually have a legal case against him (but what do I know). I do know this: he's an asshole!

(Sorry for coming late - Bloglines has been slow to catch up with the Typepad folks.)

Hey What Now, email me at Sfrajett@aol.com and we can exchange phones and have a lunch at mla. Look at all these lovely comments of support!!!

Um, I decided the imagery of my last comment was too violent, even for a Virago like me. So rather than being virtually violent with that bottle of champagne, I am going to imagine it into multiple bottles of champagne, of the best French vineyard (only real French champagne will do!) and best vintage, enough to share with you, D, everyone here, and your entire department. And *then* we're going to drink it in front of him without sharing a drop!

So there!

Congratualtions, WN, on your well-deserved tenure! But my mouth is just hanging open in disbelief at what the president said to you. He's prepared to give you a buy-out? Although I know it might be healthier for you somewhere else, there's a part of me that says stay and be a thorn in his side as much as you can be!!

Congratulations! Well-deserved, I'm sure. The president sucks. Sounds like he just doesn't want to have to squirm too much.

Celebrate, relax and enjoy the break!

I'm wondering if you have any divorced and remarried folks on faculty? Have they also been offered a buyout along with their tenure?

THANK YOU PPB!!! That's exactly the questionI wonder about things like this!

WN ~ He's a bastard. Feel free to screw him over whichever way suits you best (staying and rubbing his nose in it, leaving him for all he's worth, giving him a lifetime supply of exlax brownies -- the possibilities are endless!).

In the meantime ... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The fact that he HAD to give you tenure against everything he wanted to do should make it mean that much more. That you're far beyond what you needed to be.

That's awesome about your department ... shows that it's not what everyone thinks.

And, although I've said it before, let me repeat that, as a theoretically semi-offical part of the hierarchy that is running that school with policies that lead you to be screwed over in such a manner ... I don't agree with or condone such attitudes, and there are plenty of us who feel the same way.

But ultimately, let me offer congratulations. The fact that you got tenure despite the president's best efforts against it speaks wonders to your talents and skills. Focus on that, and forget about him for the next couple weeks.

A thought just struck me ....

Any chance that the president's gay? After all, the Vatican witchhunt would focus on him far more than you. Maybe a well-placed rumor here or there ....?

{insert evil grin here}


Well, I know you'll make the right decision for you. On one hand, I can see where everyone is coming from, and there might be a certain satisfaction in staying and screwing the prez over. On the other hand, might it just be nicer to be somewhere else?

No matter what happens later, congrats on tenure, and make sure to celebrate your success.


Can you put that on your c.v.? "Tenured, despite their best efforts to the contrary."

Coming in late due to lack of Internet but hearty congratulations and a virtual raspberry to a certain president!


I'm sorry to hear what the president said.

I'm thrilled to hear what your chair said.

Wow. I'm thrilled to hear that you have officially been tenured--a huge weight has been lifted. Celebrate this. And keep celebrating it well into the next semester. God knows you deserve it.

What an emotional year this has been for both you and D. One more week and you can talk about it in the past tense, and start talking about your exciting future!

A big, big CONGRATULATIONS to you, and a big, big F*** YOU to that stupid president of yours! Hope you're spending the weekend celebrating!

Congratulations on this affirmation of your gifts and good for you for being able to focus on that despite the mixed messages.

Congratulations! The president is an ass but -- you've got tenure!

Yay for your chair. And yay yay YAY for you! Warm congratulations, What Now.

I missed this post when it went up. Hooray for you!! And I'll join in the chorus of "fuck you"s to the president, the homophobic bastard.

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