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December 16, 2005


Congrats! And now, good luck at the MLA.

That's both awesome (the tenure part) and shitty (what the president said seems so ... awful, on so many levels).

I've been thinking about you all day, and I'm so relieved to hear that you have been granted the tenure you so obviously deserve. Tenure means options, both short- and long-term.


Yay on the tenure and phooey on the president. He's an ugly poo-poo head to quote my younger niece!

A Good Day???? I'm horrified. Good for your department for supporting you. And don't you dare take that man up on his offer until you get another job. That said (bossily), maybe it's time to look for another job, though if your story tells us anything it's how very, very unsafe it is to be a gay woman in academia--especially at a religious institution. Good for you for being so strong, though. I admire your courage and I'm rooting for you and your generous, lovely, embattled department.

Oh--and Congratulations, darnit!!!!!

Congratulations! I think you're the dreamiest.



I am so glad for you. Now you've got the choices.
Any chance the president won't be there for long?

Congrats! And phooey to that president. The support of your colleagues is most important!

I'd say something a little stronger than "poo-poo head" or "phooey" about the president. More like "What the FUCK?" As an administrator, he has no business undermining (for example) your department chair. If he wanted you out, he had his chance to influence the decision back when it was taken. Now it's his job to help everybody live with it.

That said, congratulations!

I'm choosing to focus on the good part of this post in saying, hooray! and congratulations!

Evil thoughts directed toward the president will wait for another time. For now, I hope you're celebrating properly.

Sincerest congratulations to you on getting tenure. A big "fuck you" to the president.

I kept coming by last night so I'm thrilled to read this--obviously not the obnoxious president part--but you have the protection now that tenure brings. Being the snarky person I am, I hope you stay, simply since the president is so nasty about it all. From what I've been reading on your blog for awhile is that except for the catholic politics you generally like the institution and the job, and that's not a bad thing to have. Congratulations!

I hope you stay. I hope some big scandal comes out about the president, and he is forced to resign.

It sounds like the sane people there appreciate you. Congratulations!

And thanks for sharing the whole story. It's important for us to be aware of the way homomophobia plays out in academia. We have to know exactly what we are fighting.

Congratulations! I'm so relieved, and baffled, of course, by the prez and what to make of him (chopped liver? for the kitties?). I was in agonies all day with Typepad down - well, actually, I was traveling all day, but having arrived in SisterCity I was in late-afternoon agonies not having the news and not wanting to email in case the news was bad. I agree with many of your commenters and your department: Don't go until it suits you to do so, and then go on your own terms. And have yourself a SPLENDID and well-deserved break first!

I just hate the bittersweetness of this! But...CONGRATS! I'm so glad you're able to see the good in the mix and that you have colleagues who can help you focus on the accomplishment. May your break bring you some much-needed and well-deserved rest!

Congratulations on tenure, but what the fuck is up with this president? He is so passive-aggressive; he doesn't want to be the "bad guy" and deny tenure, but he doesn't want you to stay either and seems to be trying to make you as miserable as possible. All because he "cares about you," of course. What a bunch of BS.

As others have said, I hope he's caught in a scandal and forced out. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Congrats! And I wouldn't take the buyout until I had another job, either, but then I certainly would take it! Maybe the longer you stay, the more you get. You certainly don't need to say you found something else!


Your university president is a schmuck. Your chair is wonderful. I wish they could cancel each other out.

CONGRATS! That's so awesome! And screw the president. Obviously if he could have got rid of you, he would have. Make his life miserable! (or, get a fantabulous job and take the buyout and laugh all the way to the bank.) Congrats on being too good to get rid of!

Many congratulations on achieving tenure! I'm grouchy on your behalf about the dealings with the president too.

I'll raise a glass of virtual champagne in your honor.

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