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December 15, 2005


Obviously, Jesus wanted you to stay home....

Ouch! You're very lucky not to be worse injured -- Mike broke his pinky in just that type of a fall eleven years back.

Ooo...ouch! Why couldn't the universe conspire to reward your good intentions?

Oh poor baby.

Oh, no! How unpleasant! I'm glad it's just soreness and nothing worse. I've been realizing how much older I am than I used to be by my increased concern when I fall down... I fell off my stepstool hanging Christmas lights - I mean, toppling full length like a fallen tree, no simple little slip - and was seriously scared for a moment that I'd do something very bad to myself. I'm not quite as old as I think I am - I was fine - but such things are scarier than they used to be! Anyway, sorry that neither you nor your friend ended up happy...

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