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December 14, 2005


How nerve-wracking to have to go in and be told in person! I'll be traveling that day but will look forward to news Friday night when I get online at my destination. My fellow EFMers and I will send prayers wafting your way tomorrow night.

Ohmy gosh. What an awful way to deliver that news. Either way it's awful. I'll be praying for the good word.

Sending good vibes your way!

Sending positive vibes your way, WN. Not because you need them for the decision, but because you'll need them during the long hours between now and then!

Cant wait to read the announcement on Friday.... :-)

I wish you luck. We have to wait until February.

I'm traveling on Fri too. thinking about you.

I would be an absolute basket case. I don't deal well with anxiety and this would drive me nuts. Good luck!

Oh my, WN! I am sending bushels and bushels of good thoughts and well wishes your way.

You SO deserve tenure, and I hope that's just what you'll be earning on Friday!

Eeeek! I will send you good thoughts all day!

I assume everyone gets this personal treatment? I think your prez has too much time on his hands!

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

It'll be nice to have the whole thing over with, won't it?

I am thinking of you ....

Peace to you, big time.

WAH! Will be thinking and sending you lots of good vibes! Hang tight! Tenure is yours! I won't know til, oh wait, thay have not told me yet! March? I guess?

Good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed for you and sending good vibes your way!

Thinking of you...the waiting must be awful.

Add my thoughts and prayers to all those named about. Common sense tells me better than to expect too much, but I sure do hope he treats you with dignity and respect!

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