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December 31, 2005


I have never had black eyed peas. Send me some? I could use some luck.
Glad MLA was fun.

Blessings on this New Year for you and D. Enjoy your lovely evening! (This clergy couple is going out to "our" Indian buffet and I think call it an evening early. Saturday night New Year's Eve are no fun for priests!)

Ah, but did you have black eyed peas and RICE? That is the key...better known as Hoppin' John. And some greens along with that is even better. (And that's what's on the menu here tomorrow, even though I had a heck of a time finding some greens here--how I do miss Whole Foods!)

Happy New Year to you and D.

that the president could be moving on -- very good news indeed!

glad you're back home.

Welcome home. And happy new year!

Happy New Year!...Even though you just reminded me about how difficult the interviewing experience can be--I did it last year, and since we failed to hire, I'm leaving tomorrow to do it again this year. At least Super G and I are going on vacation for the preceding week.

Welcome back and Happy New Year. I do hope 2006 will present you with fewer pains in the backside! :)

Happy New Year! Good tip about the black-eyed peas. Hope your butt feels better soon (that story made me laugh). Great to meet you and good luck with the search!

Happy New Year, WN! I hope my forgetting the black-eyed peas doesn't prevent me from getting a job, though!

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