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November 11, 2005


It's not so much that you're at a Catholic college--it's that it seems to be run like a 1940's style Catholic College. So, does the illustration suggest that the BVM was raped? Or that St. Ann was raped and being the mother of the mother of God was God's consequence?

My reading was that the Annunciation, Mary's "yes" to God, wasn't a truly consensual "yes" because of the power difference between her and God.

Of course, the photos were probably just sprinkled fairly randomly throughout the online tutorial, so I don't think anyone was trying to make any particular argument at all. But I can't believe that no one noticed what a bizarre pairing this was before the tutorial went online!

I can believe it ...D'oh!

So clearly brought to you by the same people who bring you the St. Martyr's student paper.

Ooh, Emily stole my quip!

Oh, hilarious!

One of the kindest, gentlest, most thoughtful, and conservative guys I know here at my university FAILED the online test! He answered as "safely" as possible (which is how he always acts) and was told, by the computer, that he was paranoid. He was mortified. Now he has to get some more special "training." Sheesh.

I am actually refusing to take the training and test here. The instructions we were given were that full-timers were to do this test (which is supposed to take an hour) as a part of their regular service duties, and that hourly employees should do the test as part of their regular work day so that they would be paid for doing it. It seems that adjuncts are expected to do this work for free. So I'm not doing it until forced to. And then I'm going to bill the university for an hour of my time...

Although it might be worth taking just to see what pictures the company would use to "personalize" the program here at my school. :)

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