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August 18, 2017


FWIW: I have been in two situations where my identity as a blogger became known -- once, it wasn't stated, but a sudden flare in exposure made me vulnerable; once I was involved in a controversy with some other bloggers, I was threatened with doxxing, and I outed myself to prevent that.

So now I'm pseudonymous but my name is known. I'm not abandoning this pseudonym, though, as I have too much invested in it. There are some advantages (freedom from anxiety) but it has also definitely narrowed what I am willing to say on certain topics. I think that to some extent, though, the process of writing pseudonymously has increased my capacity to accept negative responses to my blogging, such that the things that really bothered me about writing under my own name several years ago would not be at issue now. (I'm also no longer a public employee, which makes a difference.)

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