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June 15, 2014


I think it's good that you know you're staying put for now -- nothing like gaining more perspective from other people's point-of-view. It looks like you have great colleagues! Enjoy your summer!!

I'm glad you're no longer entertaining thoughts of leaving because of the HOS. It doesn't sound like her view has very much effect on your day-to-day school life. And the likelihood of there being one administrator who Doesn't Get It is awfully high anywhere!

Dr. Tea has often said, this year, that she's relieved that I have the same kinds of issues with various people and situations that she had as chair. I'm amused and interested that your "real" chair had the same reaction. I wonder if your department members have had something similar?

This is interesting for me to think about in the context of my home institution and what I like/don't like about it. Thanks for the food for thought.

I'm also curious - largely because of a series of conversations I had this weekend - about where your foray into Judaism stands.... Is that bloggable?

Hypatia -- My foray into Judaism is actually the subject of my next couple of blog posts -- stay tuned!

And I do in fact have great colleagues, which is definitely one of the joys of staying at FGS, no matter the HOS and her issues!

I'm sorry that I missed the whole trainwreck that was HoS weighing in on the breakdown of the book project. Consider this my hearty support of a reality-based understanding as espoused by Librarian and yourself that ECA was the problem, compounded by HoS's interest in not rocking boats more than doing the right thing.

I'm glad that you're staying and I'm glad that you provided Dr. Chair with relief and confirmation of what you both experienced. Sometimes colleagues can be crazy-making!

Yay for AP Lit next year and yay for the prospect of a sabbatical further down the road.

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