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December 01, 2013


Good for you!

Buy a couple more pairs of pants while you work on the healthy eating/exercising. :)

Good for you, indeed!

It's great to be stronger! It's good for your overall health, as well. One kind of change at a time generally works well for me--it takes time to build and sustain good habits--so I wish you success as you move on to the next positive change!

I am also pudgier than I would like to be. So far I have been getting away with it, clothes-wise, by wearing more dresses because the tights/leggings underneath are more.....forgiving than pants. However, I'm feeling very unhappy with my current body and trying to get up the resolve to start exercising again. I had a good groove going over the summer, but September and October, as always, totally knocked me out.

That's so neat! Is it a gym chain that does that electronic monitoring? I'd love to do something like that.
I am impressed with your motivation to go in the AM.

I'm dealing with similar issues with clothes fitting. I've been using Gwynnie Bee to rent clothes (size 10 and up), which helps me feel at least like I don't have to buy things at this larger size.


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