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February 15, 2013


"because she wants formulas and for everything to be always neat and tidy, whereas I want her to embrace the mess and let her mind roam free and make interesting connections"

Your students are getting a very good education. We have graduate students who still want neat and tiny formulae for everything. (If a computer could do it, I tell them, they wouldn't need to hire someone with a graduate degree.)

If I were doing this project, I'd have students write their words on the board -- then have other students write / discuss what they "think" the research showed, and then have those misconceptions cleared up by the folks who did the research... you could even have the rest of the class write guesses on the board under each word... I think students sharing their research in class is perhaps the best part of this assignment.

Good idea, Patty -- I think that's exactly how I'll run the discussion -- thanks!

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