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October 28, 2012


Wow. That sounds exhausting. And a seriously high level of commitment -- I'm impressed!

Only three or four advisees? Is that ever....awkward? Our advisories are all roughly the same number, but in the same spirit of compliment-that-ends-up-as-work, some of us get a more......varied.....bunch than others.

Wow, that sounds *super* exhausting! Congrats on getting through all of it!

What an exhausting few days! Glad you were able to get some rest before starting out again! And good for you for getting in some writing!

Sabbatical Brainstorm - TRAVEL!
Go back to South Africa, and find answers to some of your questions
Go someplace else and design an educational trip (for FGS or another school)

Oops comment posted to the wrong entry. (that's what happens when you try to read blogs while entertaining a toddler!)

Julie, one of my colleagues is actually doing something along these lines! At least, she's going in summer, not on a sabbatical, but she is going back to South Africa this summer -- very exciting.

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