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August 24, 2012


That sounds difficult, but I'm sure you'll handle it better than you imagine now. Do you choose the bulk of the rhetorical pieces? Can you choose mostly from the 50s or before? Or even the 60s? (Or heck, the 19th century?)

Ugghhh....yuck. That does sound like a warning--you're on notice about what this family perceives about the school and the sensitivity of it being an election year. It does sound like they're likely to complain.

We get a speech every year--and even more so this year--about politics. We aren't allowed to have them, officially anyway. I don't have to get into contemporary politics much because I teach medieval history, so this just means staying out of between class conversations for me. I don't know how my colleagues who teach american history and lit manage it, though. It would stress me out a little.

It completely makes sense to me that you'd still have a certain amount of ptsd from st. martyrs. Good to be aware of it. You aren't so vulnerable. You are supported. Be gentle with yourself.

Yep. Yep. I will be grateful when the election is over. Thankfully, it's in November and not March. I have the added joy of socializing with some parents since my daughter is a student. At least I mostly understand the reason mant of the parents are conservative. I understand wanting to keep your money. It's when they get to the social issues that I have to bite my tongue. I have a relative running on the Tea Party platform so I've gotten used to the kinds of arguments they make, and to basically walking away.

I'm sure you'll be fine. When I've taught conservative students before, I could usually count on another student to argue against them. "What do you all think?" became my favorite question.

Sounds like an invitation to CYA! You aren't paranoid - you're just being proactive.

Personally, I'd put something in writing about rhetoric vs politics (a blurb for the syllabus, or a handout) and run it past the Head of School.

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